Mindfulness Update

We have all heard of the Mindful meditation and the benefits. Here at My Planet Health we really promote this and other forms of meditation – in fact anything that means taking time out and quietening the mind. We live in an age where are mind is constantly being over stimulated. Screen time, social media, gaming, busy work schedules where we are juggling information, all lead for an over active mind and for those who may be prone to mental health issues such as anxieties and OCDs and also for those who are not, the need to slow down the mind and stop the overthinking really is one of the healthiest things you can do to treat your mind and body. As we have seen a rise of mental health issues in adolescence there has been much study into whether today’s society and extra curricular activities are in some way fueling this. Science suggests that young peoples minds need sleep and rest to develop fully and it has been considered that the effects of today’s more technology focused age is impacting on this and developing other areas of their brains while the areas that strengthen mental health are not getting nourished enough.It makes sense when you think how stimulated a brain must get when gaming but in a more adrenelin related way than for example reading a book which induces a feeling of relaxation.

Take time out for mindfulness or other forms of meditation (see our May Post for examples) If you find it hard o do yourself there are a number of places that offer mindful meditation classes often at a low or subsidised cost http://cornerhouse.cc/events/8-week-mindfulness-meditation-course

Also our health hero Suzanne Brooker offers mindfulness training both for adults and for young people in schools. For more information contact Suzanne  http://www.indigoawareness.com/contact%20suzanne.html