Castor Oil Benefits

Hello Planet Health Readers!

Here at My Planet Health we love the different healing and useful properties of carrier oils and aromatherapy oils. We wanted to share with you an oil t that often goes unnoticed but has as many health and beauty uses as coconut oil. CASTOR OIL!

Castor oil has been around for decades. It is a vegetable oil and can be used as a great mix to blend other Aromatherapy oils with, is a cleanser used in the Ayurveda practice of massage and helps grow eyelashes and eye brows!

Here are some more of its benefits – after reading this I expect you will want to go and buy a bottle to have in your bathroom cupboard!

  • Gets rid of acne – the anti-inflammatory effects of caster oil are said to be great at getting rid of acne if applied moderately to effected areas and promote the growth of health skin tissue
  • Has cleansing properties– helps remove dirt from the skin and restores the natural PH balance.
  • Stimulates hair growth – The omega- 6 essential fatty acids in Caster oil help accelerate blood circulation to the scalp, increasing hair
  • Is a powerful natural laxative relieving constipation
  • Helps get rid of stretch marks (no need for expensive bio oil products!)
  • Is a great all round moisturiser. You can use this oil on its own as a natural alternative to daily moisturisers and night creams
  • Helps to encourage strong shiny hair- can be used to treat hair before shampooing
  • Has been used throughout history (google Caster oil baths for more info!)
  • I love all castor oil but African Black Castor Oil (pictured above ) is considered one of the best if you are looking to use it for hair conditioning and growth. It is used to increase hair, eyelash and eyebrow growth, thickening hair that is starting to thin out, eliminate dry hair, make the hair fuller and shinier, deeply condition and moisturise and boost overall hair health.

Containing Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids. African Black Castor Oil is more popular since it is raw, so it has more nutrients that thicken, moisturises and softens hair, while making it more manageable.

Processed differently to original castor oil The seeds are roasted and then pulverized in a mortar. It is said its raw qualities are more pungent.It is also known for its antibacterial qualities and good for treating any skin infections  -particularly dandruff.

If you would like to try some for yourself the brand below is one we recommend.

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