Why My Planet Health ?

Jayne is our founder and the creator of My Planet Health and she is keen to share with you what inspired her to set up our service and how the name My Planet Health came about.

Jayne says ” A lot of people ask me why the name My Planet Health? The answer stems from some wise words my Dad who once said to me and  something that I consider to be so true. He said “Life is like a football pitch, played between two goal posts in your mind”

“This was a bit of a light bulb moment for me” said Jayne ” everything is literally seen, heard and then decided upon as a result of how our minds our viewing things.  Surely then its vitally important that we look after our minds as much as we do our bodies. From training our mind to think  more positively, through to talking therapies such as counselling and techniques to relax and restore the mind. These are essential if we are going to keep whats going on between those two goal posts something healthy!

We have struggled with mental health in my family and it was when I first began volunteering for Woking MIND that I realised how valuable group support services, counselling and education with regards to mental health really is. I then went on to spend the next few years training to be a therapist myself and the rest is history.

My Planet Health literally stands for My Planet (the space in between those two goal posts in our minds!) and health, mind health of course!”