Relationship Counselling – 4 things to try and avoid in your relationship!


Here at My Planet Health Counselling we are a big fan of the American Psychologist John Gottman. He came up with a list of 4 things that he advises are the main destructive forces in relationships – listed below on the left and their antidotes (how to counteract them – on the right). See if you recognise any that play out in your relationship! We all do them from time to time so don’t beat yourself up! We see often in our couple work here that they can tend to form part of a general pattern of communication in relationships that then over time, along with other factors form part of a couples own unique dance which can lead to damaging the relationship and make chips in the armour of what once was a loving partnership. If you feel there may be some work you and your partner would like to do then contact us for an initial relationship counselling assessment,