Meditation and Health

Here at My Planet Health we like to look at ways to treat the mind and the body. Meditation is a great way to treat both. It has physiological effects such as slowing down the heart rate and reducing blood pressure while your mind and body can drift into a state of relaxation and calm. A great way to reduce stress and enhance well being.

Some studies have indicated that meditating for just 20 minutes every other day can have great health benefits and be a real boost to our immune system and mental state…

There are many meditation apps such as Headspace, Calm and MINDBODY and many other guided meditations available free on You Tube. Here Jayne Earl tells us of some of her favourites:

When it comes to meditation, I am a true advocate. I have been practicing it for a number of years now. Not daily (although I should try to find more time!) but at least once or twice a week as I find it really helps to calm and quieten my mind. It helps give me some mental peace and clarity and removes what is often referred to as “monkey mind” which is all the different thoughts and unnecessary noise that’s goes on in our heads (which I find can be very noisy when you slow down to tune in to what’s going on up there!)  I prefer my meditation to be guided as I find it helps me to focus easier rather than letting my mind wonder. I like the Headspace app for mindful meditation practice and Jason Stephenson is one of my favourite go to guided meditation professionals whose work you can find on You Tube. Here are a selection of some of his work. My yoga teachers also incorporate a great meditation after their lessons. Some of these may not be to your taste (some are a bit more hippy than others!)  There are loads out there so if you are keen to try to see if it helps your overall well being why not give it a go!

Jason Stephenson:

These are great for general relaxation and anxiety relief – designed to heal the mind and body.

Michael Sealey:

Guided Meditation for Detachment From Over-Thinking


This one is great for Sleep and calming the anxious mind


Paul Mkenna – Deep Relaxation is also a great place to start – I find this is leaves my mind feeling really refreshed, calm and energised.


The Honest Guys also have a great selection of guided mediations you can try. I like the music they use too

This one is great for creating a positive mind and letting of negative emotions that are not doing your mind or body any good!

This is another healing one designed to heal mind body and spirit!

This one is designed to help you sleep and make

The Headspace App


I hope if you try them, you enjoy. There are many more on YouTube, which I am sure if you find you enjoy any of these you may explore. If you have any questions about meditation or would like any more recommendations feel free to email me at