The Best Natural Sleep Aid! Ease Magnesium

Here at my Planet Health we believe that one of the answers to having a healthy mind and body spirit lays behind getting a good nights sleep! Pretty obvious I hear you say but i cant stress the importance of this for the mind, t especially for those who suffer from any form of mental health issue. Anyway, for all of you who suffer getting to sleep and staying asleep, I truly believe here at My Planet Health we have found the natural answer!  I have suffered from sleep disturbance most my adult life, I find it hard to shut down my mind in order to fall asleep and have tried so many natural remedies. Valerian didn’t work, neither did lavender oil or hops and then I read about Magnesium. Apparently, about 80 percent of the adult population are actually deficient in this mineral (found naturally in beans, grains, nuts and green leafy vegetables) and without it we can experience greater levels of anxiety and stress and sleep restless so i thought i must give it a try as well as eat more of all those leaf greens!  I popped down to Holland and Barratt and bought the capsule form and took their recommended daily dosage an hour before i went to bed ( the assistant in there had said this often often helps to start the unkind process) and yes, that seemed to help chill me out a bit – but i still struggled to drop off and was restless once i had. I have been continuing with this as while i see an improvement it has not quite hit the mark. But then i found a product called Ease Magnesium and i haven’t looked back. It really works!

Ease Magnesium is a soluble form of magnesium that you can simply spray on.100 percent natural it is sourced from the Dead Sea and the final product is nothing but magnesium chloride hexahydrate and pure water.  Just apply a few sprays of this  magnesium solution anywhere on your body… and your skin drinks it in; giving your body complete permission to fully relax, making a good night’s sleep, possible. Why does this work better than the tablets? Well absorption mainly! Research shows that tablet forms of magnesium are known for poor absorption rates.Also, if you are a suffer of night cramps that can also keep some people awake at night (another symptom some people experience who are lacking in magnesium in the first place) spraying the solution directly on the legs can help with this also!

Here at My Planet Health we LOVE this product so much i have set we have decided to work with them as and market their product as an affiliate. If struggling with sleep is your thing then i would recommend it no end. Along perhaps with some guided meditation (if you have the time) before you hit the hay. To order a bottle click on the link below and try it for yourself!

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