Mental Health Awareness Week. Are we finally getting there?

Following on from mental health awareness day (11th October) and week, here at My Planet Health we are really thrilled to see just how much awareness and positivity there is out there surrounding the subject.  It seems that the world is finally beginning to see the importance of looking after the mind and that for the many thousands of people who have  illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bi polar, anorexia they can finally feel the support that is out as well as understood.

While this awareness is exactly what has been needed it has highlighted that the NHS facilities available to be wanting. While there is some amazing work that is done in hospitals and treatment centres that are available there is simply a lack of them and investment needed.

However we can conclude that mental health awareness is a stone still gathering momentum and rolling very fast into the future. As with all awareness it shines a light and will highlight the areas that need improvement and for this we must be thankful as only then will we begin to be able to have something to improve.

In the mean time we see that the negative connotations and stigmas around mental health are gradually being washed away. Therapy is seen as the gym for the mind and the heart, giving it the well deserved work out it needs alongside self help, yoga, meditation which for some can be used as alternatives to pills and pescriptions.

Lets raise a glass to further momentum, knowledge and understanding of this area and as 2019 fast approaches look to raise awareness and support one another wherever we can.