10 Tips for Mind Health

With the presence of COVID 19 and lock down in place we are all finding ourselves adjusting to a different way of living.

Whether we suffer from mental health issues or not, i think most would agree there is a level of the worry and concern that all of use are facing.

With caring for family and friends, being stuck indoors trying to think of how to entertain children let alone ourselves and the general uncertainty.we are facing, it is not surprising that for many of us our minds are feeling a bit out of balance.

Here at My Planet Health, we would like to share with you some ideas and tips that we believe work when trying to look after our minds as well as out bodies.


  1. Schedule some self care time- while this may seems out of reach with everyone at home it is more important than ever to take some time out for yourself. Whether a walk on your own, or an hour reading a book or taking a bath time to for yourself to quieten the mind really helps. Remember if we are not in a good place its very hard to help others
  2. Meditate! – as our followers well know, we are advocates for guided meditation here at my Planet health as we truly recognise and believe in the benefits of slowing the Mind and body down. If you don’t do it already do it why not give it a try? There are many on your tube available or apps such as CALM. By placing the mind elsewhere and focusing on your breathing you can reduce blood pressure as well as remove the often ongoing chatter in your mind.
  3. Diet – healthy diet is not only good for the body but for the Mind – you know what to do..
  4. Fresh air – as the sun is beginning to shine getting out and about with nature and the sun on our face not only increases our vitamin D but does wonders for our well=being
  5. Take a break from technology – it seems as if we are all using technology much more than we did a few weeks ago – being attached to our phones perhaps as our life line of communication with the outside world is understandable but not great for our MIND health as keeps it busy instead of calm and can quickly become a habit where we are checking social media or the news all the time. Limiting watching the news can be very helpful in reducing anxiety levels.
  6. Get creative -even if we aren’t naturally creative and this part of our brains can be a great stress buster. perhaps you have always fancied trying drawing or art classes. Why not give it a go in the comfort of your own home? Or being writing that book you always fancied or try writing a poem or cooking a new meal. See where your creative mind takes you and feel your mind reap the benefits
  7. Goal setting – planning and setting goals can not only be exciting but great for focusing the Mind! Are there things you want to achieve over the next few weeks/ couple of months? e.g learning a language or take an online photography course? Or perhaps you could begin planning an exciting trip or holiday for when this is all over? Planning for the future in the midst of uncertainty can feel grounding and is helpful in keeping our minds positive.
  8. Re connect with family and loved ones – now is the time to rely on each other and reach out to those around you. If we have a bit more time together perhaps we can get to know each other better and appreciate those people who are in our lives. Host a family meeting once a week where you can talk to each other about any of your fears or worries.

10. Be kind to yourself and others –  Its understandable if you are on top of each other in the house we may annoy each other a bit more but be understanding of this and patient.

An on  final note  – treat yourself. We intend to! While we advocate a healthy diet for mind health and exercise that is not to say we cant also indulge a little and get pleasure from the things we love whether that is a glass of wine, some chocolate or your favourite food. A little of what you fancy does you good.

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all stay well and enjoy yourselves and each other.


Love My Planet Health